DJC Real Estate, who are we you say? As a company we are fairly new, but as Real Estate Agents we collectively have over 135 years experience between us, with 95 years sales experience and 40 years of property management experience.

The way real estate agents operate has changed in a lot of ways over the years, with the most distinct change being the advent of the internet. This in itself has changed the way people look for and sell property. One of the other big changes has been the privacy act and the impact it has had on agents doing what we call “cold calling” of potential clients. We are no longer allowed to contact people that have not voluntarily provide their contact details. And 9/11 has also changed things, people are wary of door knockers. Shop fronts are starting to become a thing of the past, people want to be able to look at the advertised properties without being confronted by someone “wanting to help”.


So we at DJC have come up with a non confrontational method that doesn’t put any kind of pressure on you. We are there if you want to have a chat, if not we have touch screens for you to browse through. We don’t have a shop front we have an “Open Offices” located in the mall of shopping centres, It is an open environment that we hope will make you feel less like you are cornered, and we have more than 38,000 people passing our “Open Office”.


Our whole aim is to make you feel comfortable and provide the best quality professional service available. We are members of the REIQ and follow in minute detail all the laws and legislation of our industry including the Code of Conduct.


We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or ideas to help us improve our service to you.


David Crook
Keith Daly

Principal / Licensee

Sales & Marketing

Ph: 0431 090 708
Email: davidc@djcre.com.au

Nearly 40 years and 3 continents of knowledge and experience in real estate allows me to create DJC Real Estate as an innovative way of providing enhanced real estate knowledge and service through our Interactive Open Office.


As the Licensee of DJC Real Estate I welcome you to this unique business venture.

I am here to ensure you of my efforts and personal attention to achieve the best possible outcome in your real estate venture.


Returning with experience from owning real estate offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canada & Croatia and dealings with people from all walks of life and cultures I find this knowledge and experience have provided me with a way of thinking outside the local box. Thus I am able to provide skills to my clients of which local agencies are unaware. New insights! New solutions! Providing consulting and training to some of the largest international real estate organisations, financial institutions and Real Estate Boards, I have picked up and fused ideas and skills from the world markets that can provide alternative approaches to marketing real estate.



Email: info@djcre.com.au

Sales & Marketing
Special Projects Development

Ph: 0407 154 168
Email: keithd@djcre.com.au

Keith’s working life began in Newcastle with an engineering background, he then established and grew a successful Motor Vehicle and Truck Rust Proofing business and after 15 years on sold the developed business to a partnership of two families who were retiring from the RAAF one of the many clients that the business serviced.


Before commencing in Real Estate Keith learnt to fly light aircraft and played Golf and renovated a home but needed to get a “REAL” JOB again and set out on his chosen career path of Real Estate.

Now a Licensed Agent and Auctioneer, Keith has been in the industry for 28 years. Starting his career in New South Wales in the eighties, then he moved his family to Queensland which made profound changes in his life.


Keith worked for a short period and saw the potential the area had to offer and decided to buy the office and set a path to build the offices profile to finally achieve 14 sales staff and also grow the Property Management to well over 300 properties in the next 5 years, as things grew a second office was added when the government of the day introduced wages to the sales staff the offices where scaled down, just as many were to maintain profitability whilst carrying enough well trained people to cover the areas necessary.


Keith has set up and sold 3 separate Real Estate businesses over his time in real estate and along the way has made and retained many solid relationships throughout the industry.


A passion for the industry is his key motivation and along with the drive and flexibility that a career in Real Estate can offer and with all facets from Residential and Unit Sales through to Future Development Projects have earned Keith a solid base of Developers who are always keen to hear about new projects.


Keith throughout the years he has seen many changes but still highlights that the changes in the structure of the core business of Real Estate allows him the flexible lifestyle no other position can offer.

PO Box 27 Arana Hills QLD, Australia 4504


Mob: 0431090708


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